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Title of the article

                                           GLOBALIZATION AS A CRISIS PHENOMENON:                                                                      SOCIAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL ANALYSIS OF RELEVANT ASPECTS                     


Rasskazov Leonid Dementyevich, Candidate of philosophy, associate professor, sub-department of social work and sociology, Sibir State Technological University (Krasnoyarsk), 

Index UDK

332.142: 338.124.4 


Actual aspects, conditions and factors, which compose essence and existence of globalization, are analyzed in this article. Separate doctrines of domestic and foreign authors, studying this subject, are summarized. Author gives special attention to correlation between objective and subjective factors, which compose globalization’s phenomena. This article addresses to philosophers, scientists, postgraduates and students, studying social and philosophic approaches and methods of study and direction of globalization on society scale, and also on local level. 

Key words

globalization, global problems, glocalization, crisis, society’s transition state, destruction, creation, existence, essence, anthropogenic society.

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